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Fort Campbell Families and Christian County

McAullife Hall HQ, Fort Campbell

Fort Campbell is an integral part of the Hopkinsville-Fort Campbell community. We value our soldiers, their families, and their service to our country. If you are new, or soon-to-be new, to Fort Campbell, we invite you to consider making Hopkinsville your home. Below are a few reasons why.

12 Facts

  1. Breathtaking event and recreation venues that outshine those in most any other city our size. 
    From the James E. Bruce Convention Center to Pennyrile Forest State Park, our community shines with amenities that many larger cities envy.
  2. Within an hour’s drive of five large metropolitan areas…and a National Recreation Area.
    Just a 15-minute drive to Fort Campbell, Hopkinsville's close proximity to Nashville, Owensboro, Paducah, Evansville, Clarksville and Land Between the Lakes further extends our options for entertainment, recreation, shopping and dining.
  3. A high-value real estate market.
    The local metropolital area remains one of the few places in America where you can buy a new 2,000 square foot house for under $200,000…with acreage!  
  4. Beautifully ornate and well-preserved architecture in an emerging downtown.
    An abundance of structures built from the 1830’s through the early 1900’s makes Hopkinsville’s rooflines a treasure to behold.
  5. Six years younger than the average Kentuckian.
    With a median age under 30, Christian County residents are young, progressive and eager to be engaged.
  6. Pride in small town connections.
    Residents value the sense of community formed by connectedness and strong relationships. It’s a place where people really do matter.
  7. Diverse, forward-thinking and growing.
    Hopkinsville-Christian County plans its future with proactive and inclusive initiatives in education, infrastructure, beautification, workforce development and downtown revitalization.
  8. A place to make your mark.
    Because people matter…because we are growing…because meaningful community initiatives are now top priorities, Hopkinsville-Christian County is place where anyone can get involved and shape the future. So come, make your mark!
  9. Home to world-class talent.
    From world-acclaimed fiddle playing and pianists to legendary horse training to athletic accomplishments to business innovation, our community is known for its cutting edge, talented citizens.
  10. Home to the finest fighting Division in the Army, the 101st Airborne Division.
    In addition, we're home to the 160th Special Operation Aviation Regiment and the 5th Special Forces Group. Our citizens live among heroes and are heroes.
  11. History and heritage come alive.
    Where else can you experience out of world encounters with little green men, psychic readings with Edgar Cayce, the birthplace of Jefferson Davis, the story of the Night Riders, or the epicenter of the 2017 total solar eclipse?
  12. Community spirit paints the town.
    From the world's largest Rotary Auction to initiatives like our community-built playground to our ongoing beautification and enhancement efforts, our community continues to put our words into action as we Make Our Mark.