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Chambers Go “Under Cover” to Get Fresh Perspectives on Hopkinsville, Henderson

The Christian County Chamber of Commerce recently partnered with the Henderson-Henderson County (KY) Chamber of Commerce in a project aimed at improving both communities’ customer service, community aesthetics and community dynamics.
The chambers teamed up to conduct First Impressions Exchange visits.  This program is designed to help communities develop a more robust understanding of the “impression” they leave with visitors and newcomers. The First Impressions program was created by the University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension office as a method for local communities to collect feedback from objective, third party perspectives.
Each chamber organized a delegation of 10-12 volunteers who visited the other community incognito during the month of June to compile a report on their first impressions.  The undercover teams experienced many aspects of the community and offered feedback on cleanliness and appearance, directional signage, neighborhoods, downtown areas, retail options, friendliness, customer service orientation, parks and recreation, green space, industrial parks, key intersections and corridors, and many other areas of consideration.
Representatives of the Hopkinsville contingent gave a summary of their findings to the Henderson Chamber’s board of directors on August 22. The Christian Chamber’s board heard Henderson’s report on August 29.
“We are proud to have partnered with our friends in Henderson on this exciting initiative,” Carter Hendricks, President/CEO of the Christian County Chamber of Commerce, said. “Their honest, objective feedback will help our Chamber and community to make the necessary changes to enhance our community while building off of the strengths we already have.  Further, we were very impressed with the Henderson area and applaud their leadership for the hard work that has obviously helped to make Henderson one of Kentucky’s finest communities. ”
Brad Schneider, president of the Henderson-Henderson County Chamber, said he believes the First Impressions project could be the first step in developing stronger ties between Henderson County and Christian County. 
“Henderson and Hopkinsville have so many things in common, and our communities have many of the same goals, so I think we can find ways to complement each other’s efforts,” he said. “First Impressions is a great example. Our volunteers had a great time rediscovering Christian County. It has so many strengths, and they’ve made so many improvements in the last several years. There’s no doubt that Christian Countians have a great deal of which to be proud. ”
To review the Henderson First Impressions power point presentation click here. For more information on the First Impressions visits, or either chamber, please contact Carter Hendricks at or at 270-885-9096 or Brad Schneider at or 270-826-9531.