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'It's a growing business'

Brian Lacefield, Chairman Agri-Business Committee
Brian Lacefield
Chair, Agri-Business

The Hopkinsville-Christian County Kentucky area has been an agricultural county since it was first settled in the 1790's. It has been a strong and consistent leader in the production of corn, winter wheat, soybeans, and tobacco.

The Chamber's Agri-Business Committee actively supports and promotes agribusiness and its significant impact on the community's economy.

  • Hosts the Salute to Agriculture Week to promote agriculture as a driving force in Christian County's economy.
  • Conducts a successful Salute to Agriculture Week media campaign and event informing the community of the value of this $85 million industry to Christian County.
  • Honors agri-business leaders by presenting the Friend of Agriculture, Distinguished Service, Agribusiness of the Year, and Farmer of the Year awards.
  • Awards two $500 scholarships to students who plan to pursue agriculture careers at the colleges of their choice.

For more information or to volunteer please Contact the Chamber.

Kentucky and Christian County agriculture statistics

  • In 2011, total farmland in Kentucky was 14 million acres. 
  • Farmland represents 55% of Kentucky's approximate 25.4 million acres. 
  • Kentucky ranks 5th in the number of farms (85,700) in the United States
    1. Texas
    2. Missouri
    3. Iowa
    4. Oklahoma
    5. Kentucky

The economic rule of circulation means that AGRICULTURE pumps nearly $1 BILLION a year into the Christian County community

2011 Christian County Farm Marketing Cash Receipts

  • Crops: $110,639,000
  • Livestock: $29,694,000
  • Total: $140,333,000

Statistics released in December 2011 by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, show Christian County continues to be a leading crop producer.

In 2011 Christian County Farmers ranked:

  • #1 in winter wheat production with 4,750,000 bushels
  • #2 in corn production with 10,956,000 bushels
  • #7 in soybean production with 1,610,000 bushels - That's 15,561,000 bushels from 189,600 harvested acres

In 2010 Christian County farmers produced:

  • 3,810,000 pounds of burley tobacco (#7)
  • 5,560,000 pounds of dark fire-cured tobacco (#3)
  • 890,000 pounds of dark air-cured tobacco (#4)

Scholarship Winners

Agri-Business Scholarship Winner William Craig Lenore - Scholarship winner
Nikki Seay accepts Agri-Business Scholarship on behalf of William Bryant Clark William Craig Lenore accepts Agri-Business Scholarship


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